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About Direxxis


Direxxis is leading the cialis professional sale way in providing turn-key, end-to-end direct marketing solutions that enable brands to build great customer relationships

Integrated Marketing Platform

Organizations rely on Direxxis’ comprehensive data-driven Integrated Marketing Platform (IMP) to manage the complexity associated with creating and generic for cialis distributing marketing assets, content and brand standards. Direxxis’ software helps its customers ensure consistent standards across regional markets and marketing operations and enables multi-channel fulfillment, performance tracking and program administration.

Marketing Operations Automation

Direxxis’ solutions enable organizations with decentralized sales and marketing operations to automate the customization and targeting of marketing communications, giving marketers the power and Canada synthroid flexibility required to deliver relevant, consistent and timely marketing communications across all channels, including digital media, email, social media, text messages, telephone, mail and traditional print and display advertising mediums.

Flexible Integrations

Direxxis’ platform supports processes across the entire marketing lifecycle. By integrating with complementary solutions that support parts of the marketing process that are not fulfilled by Direxxis directly (such as print and email marketing), customers benefit from a full suite of powerful marketing tools from a single provider.